Witches Brew Tours Ranks #1 Haunted Tour

hauntingsNew Orleans has a unique history that spans over three hundred years. The highlights of this incredible city reminds one of a intriguing mystery novel. The foundering fathers were the French who lost the city to the Spanish, and later regained it prior to the Louisiana Purchase by the United States. The French, Spanish, and African influence can be seen throughout the city. Slaves were bought and sold in the French Quarter to wealthy land owners to work the plantations and rich businessmen as servants in their household.

This intermingling of peoples and their culture gives New Orleans its diverse heritage that is the driving force behind the happenings of the past that foster the paranormal events that reenact the tragic happenings of years gone by. You can experience the dark side of New Orleans by participating in the most popular haunted tour.

New Orleans haunted tours participants may experience the spirit of Marie Laveau, the voodoo priestess who danced around a burning fire inviting mysterious spirits to do her biding. It is customary for visitors to place gifts on her grave. Others claim to have seen her during the cemetery tours New Orleans. Another highlight of this tour is visiting the home of Madame LaLaurie, a wealthy French aristocrat who brutally tortured her slaves in a most heinous manner. The screams from this haunted house can still be heard with many visitors seeing apparitions of slaves on the grounds. Then there is the pirate Jean Lafitte who materializes in a local bar. When noticed, he vanishes. These are a few examples of what others have experienced.
If you are ready for an exciting and bone chilling evening that exceeds your expectations, visit Witches Brew Tours is the best choice for a memorable experience of your visit to New Orleans.